Succeed Now on Personal Development Habits

Succeed Now on Personal Development Habits

Before we get started with the personal development habits you can add into your life I want to share a bit about me and how personal development has transformed my life. Back in my late teens I suffered with severe anxiety and depression. I was seeing a counsellor once a week who recommended the book “Finding Peace In A Frantic World” I had never heard of Personal Development and began exploring what else was out there that would help me overcome and manage my mental health struggles.

I researched as much as I could and put together a morning routine full of the personal development habits I found. Naturally it has evolved over time as I learned new habits and my mental health improved but the main structure has always been similar and heavily based on these personal development habits. I really notice the difference in my mood if I miss a day and don’t complete my morning routine. When I do complete it I feel happy, confidence, can manage stress and anxiety and it keeps my depression away.


You can learn so much from reading and there are so many personal development books out there for you to explore. A few of my favourites include The Anxiety Solution by Chloe Brotheridge and Confidence by Katie Piper. Both is these books offer practical habits you can add into your life to see improvements. 

Succeed Now on Personal Development Habits

There are also many blogs out there that share loads of personal development habits and advice that you can use. At Succeed Now a new blog is published every Thursday full of personal development, mindset and mental health advice that will support you on this journey.

If you prefer to listen but want to get into personal development you can try audio books (Click here for a free trial with Audible). Podcasts are also a great way to learn new habits and get advice from experts on personal development. Open up the podcast app and search for any topic you want to learn more about.


This doesn’t have to be full on workouts, it can be short, simple and something you enjoy. The main thing is just to get moving first thing in the morning. Also throughout  the day if you need an energy or mood boost. I like to use my pedal bike and dumbbells for some light exercise in the morning.

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This is one of the most powerful tools I have used in my personal development journey. It was a huge part of building my confidence and feeling loved and accepted by others. Affirmations are powerful short statements beginning with the words I AM. They should be based on something you are working towards and want to be true. For example I AM full of confidence. I AM loved and accepted. I AM looking after my body.

Have a go at creating 10 of your own and using them everyday for a month. You can write them down, say then out loud or in your head. If you really want to make the most of them you can record yourself saying them for 1 minute per meditation (10 minute recording in total) and listen to it everyday. Succeed Now on Personal Development Habits


You can journal anyway you like. There is no right or wrong with journaling. Use it as an opportunity to clear your mind. I like to journal about my thoughts in the morning and gratitude in the evening. I also recommend writing down a list of what makes you happy and what you enjoy. This can become your self-care list that you go to when you need to spend some time looking after you.


In the evening I wrote down 10 things that I am grateful for that day. Making them as specific as possible and really reflecting on the gratitude I feel for them. I also make the habit or expressing gratitude verbally throughout the day to everyone I meet. It’s amazing the benefit you feel from it and how it lifts your mood. It’s hard to be down about your life and yourself when you have an attitude of gratitude. Succeed Now on Personal Development Habits

Meditation and Visualisation

I then spend at least 20 minutes in meditation or visualisation. If you’ve not tried meditation there’s loads of ways you can get started with guided meditations to show you what to do. Search on YouTube and the podcast app for particular topics you want to meditate on. They cover self-love, acceptance, concentration, safety etc. I also recommend the app Insight Timer, again you can search particular topics. There is also a timer function where you can set a timer with relaxing music and get lost in the moment.

What personal development habits have you tried? Have you found some inspiration from this? Let me know how you get on over in my Facebook Group.

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Lucy Smith is a Personal Development Coach supporting women in their journey to overcoming anxiety, fears, limiting beliefs and improving their mindset. After facing these challenges herself Lucy is passionate about helping women through the same tough times.

You can find her at where there is a range of support to help you on your personal development journey. Succeed Now on Personal Development Habits

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