Summer Superfood Pops, Two Ways

Summer Superfood Pops Two Ways

I tell you what. It’s getting HOT here on the Central Coast of California. I live a little more inland than I used to, so the heat waves are hitting a lot harder. We haven’t had too triple digit days yet, but I promise you. They’re coming. And I am NOT ready. I just melt in the heat and I feel like I can’t leave the house. The cabin fever gets real. So lately I’ve been trying to think of all the snacks I can make to help beat the heat. And I think these Summer Superfood Pops are the answer. Summer Superfood Pops

Summer Superfood Pops

Popsicles have been on my mind for a while, ever since the kind people at Zoku sent me over a ring pop mold. I mean, how fun are jewel shaped popsicles, right? But I was having the hardest time thinking of a flavor! I wanted to keep it summery, using seasonal produce and no added sugar. I also wanted to keep it relatively simple, but pack a nutritional punch. So, I decided to make these Summer Superfood Pops. And I ended up having two different uses for them!

So what’s inside this simple, super blend? Well, like any good summer frozen treat, the base is watermelon! It’s perfect for adding sweetness, fiber, and of course, water! It’s basically the best binder for fruity popsicles. These pops also have fresh, ripe strawberries. Strawberries are packed with fiber and vitamin C, but also add a little extra sweetness and tartness. As if these weren’t pink enough, I added goji powder to these popsicles to make them pack a real nutrition punch. Goji powder is exactly what it sounds like: dried, powdered goji berries! Goji berries are a bit of a trendy superfood right now, but for their popular for good reason. Not only do they taste amazing, but they’re loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C.

Summer Superfood Pops

To add a little depth to these Summer Superfood Pops, I decided to add a refreshing summer herb: basil! Like many people, basil is one of my favorite herbs. It’s so versatile! And it pairs incredibly well with the sweetness of strawberries and watermelon, so it was a bit of a no-brainer in this recipe. The final superfood ingredient in this recipe is collagen! If you know me, or follow me on Instagram, you know how obsessed I am with collagen. I literally take it every day. The benefits I’ve seen not only in my hair, skin, and nails, but also in my overall health is amazing. I swear by the stuff. And seeing as it’s odorless and tasteless, it obviously needed to be included in this recipe, too! Because why not get a little extra protein and some awesome health benefits while enjoying a delicious popsicle? Summer Superfood Ice Cubes

Two Ways

I’m not going to lie to you. My original plan with this recipe was just popsicles. Popsicles are fun, delicious, and super easy. But, as my popsicle molds are pretty small, I had a bit of this blend leftover. It got me thinking about what else I could do with it. Then, while watching The Pioneer Woman talk about freezing herbs and olive oil in ice cube trays, it occurred to me. Ice cubes! I could make ice cubes out of this fruity, herby mix. So, I poured the rest of the mixture into an ice cube tray and let it freeze for a few hours as well. I then served it with ginger kombucha, similar to my Ginger Berry Basil Mocktail recipe, and it was incredible. I also think these ice cubes would infuse some delicious flavor in water and other drinks!

If all else fails and you want to use these Summer Superfood ice cubes as a good smoothie, or margarita, starter, throw a few in a blender with a little coconut water and you have another tasty, healthy blend!

Regardless of how, I hope you this recipe helps you cool down and take full advantage of these long, hot summer days! Enjoy! Summer Superfood Ice Cubes

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Summer Superfood Pops Recipe
Prep Time 5 minutes
Passive Time 2 hours
Prep Time 5 minutes
Passive Time 2 hours
  1. Add all ingredients except collagen to blender.
  2. Blend until smooth, about 1-1.5 minutes.
  3. Add collagen to blender and blend for another 5 seconds.*
  4. Pour into popsicle molds or ice cube trays.
  5. Freeze for at least 2 hours.
  6. If making ice cubes, serve in drink of choice. If making popsicles, enjoy as is!
Recipe Notes

* You don't want to over blend the collagen peptides as it will break down the amino acids, which are what gives collagen it's nutritional benefit! We want to keep those intact for the hair, skin, nail, and gut health benefits!

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Summer Superfood Pops Two Ways

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    1. Thank you! I used Zoku’s ring pop molds and they turned out great! I actually linked to them at the bottom if you’re interested! 🙂

  1. Oh I love the ring pops ice mold, I wish I had seen this sooner. I hosted a high school reunion dinner last weekend (this posts tomorrow) that those would have been perfect for!!!! Great recipe as always 🙂

    1. Oh no that would have been perfect! Oh well, maybe you can use it for another event this summer! Thank you so much for checking it out! 🙂

  2. Great recipe Shannon!! It’s hot in Ontario, Canada this summer too! I am definitely going to give these a try. Watermelon and basil are a fav combo for me, and the ring pop molds are awesome. Stay cool, and keep up your fierce creativity. I love it!

    1. You’re so sweet thank you!! As much as I love summer, I’m definitely over the sweltering heat. But we still have a long way to go here in California! I hope it starts cooling down a bit for you guys up there! And watermelon and basil is seriously such a refreshing combo isn’t it? The strawberry in these just adds a little extra sweetness and just a hint of tart!

    1. Thank you! I wasn’t sure if these were going to be too small, but honestly I think they’re the perfect size for a quick, cooling treat!

    1. Thank you so much! You’re so sweet! Strawberries are definitely a favorite summer food of mine. Though I have been pretty obsessed with cherries… Working on a recipe with them right now so stay tuned! 🙂

  3. These are so much fun to make and even more fun to eat! Such a neat “trick” to getting kids to eat more fruits but making them think it isn’t healthy lol! I make these for my dogs as well to have a treat during those hot summer days!

    1. popsicles are great to have for dogs on hot days! And an even better way to get the kids to eat more healthy foods!

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    1. Thank you so much for the heads up! It may be the browser because I’ve never had issues on chrome, safari, and explorer. But I’ll definitely look into it!

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