Simply Shannonagins Supplement Lineup

Simply Shannonagins Supplement Lineup

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this Supplement Lineup post may contain affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

I want to preface this post with two things that are incredibly important.

  1. Choosing a supplement is SO personal because of something called “bio-individuality”. Your needs and the needs of someone else are completely different. Even if you have the same condition as someone else, your health needs may be different than them. Figure out what you need, what works for you, and don’t worry about what anyone else is taking.
  2. I’m a big fan of eating in a way that helps me get the nutrients I need. If you can do that, and don’t need supplementation, that’s amazing. Unfortunately, diet sometimes isn’t enough for everyone. Sometimes, we need a little help. Sometimes, it isn’t about nutrient deficiencies, but about helping yourself feel the best you possibly can.

Those are my caveats for this post. The supplements I’m about to share with you are products I completely believe in. I use them every day and absolutely love them. I would not share them with you if that was not the case. Some are considered more “conventional” supplements while others are more alternative. But all of them help me in one way or another!

Digestive Supplement Lineup Simply Shannonagins Supplement Lineup- Gut Health


Probiotics are incredibly popular right now, but honestly the hype is justified. Gut health is so important because it literally dictates everything. Everything from your immune system to your mental health is dependent on the health of your digestive flora. That is why I am pretty passionate about probiotics. I know that sounds crazy, but I make a point to take them every day and am working on getting my family members on the gut health train too! I have tried quite a few different brands but I’ve found one I honestly love. The Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Women’s Care is my go-to these days. Probiotics can be crazy expensive, but the price point is right for the Renew life line of probiotic supplements. Not only has my digestion been way better since taking these consistently, but I honestly haven’t had a cold or the flu in ages. And that’s pretty unusual for me. But I’ll take it! You can find the Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Women’s Care supplement here!

Collagen Peptides

I know what you’re thinking. Why is collagen under gut health supplements? Isn’t it more of a beauty supplement? Well, the great thing about collagen peptides is that it not only helps with skin, hair, and nail health, but it supports digestive health as well! Collagen helps regulate the production and secretion of stomach acid, helping prevent acid reflux, ulcers, and other conditions caused by an overly acidic stomach environment. The collagen peptides I use, Further Food Collagen Peptides, contain the amino acids glycine and proline which help heal the stomach lining and prevent ulcers, and the amino acid glutamine which helps prevent inflammation in the gut wall. As if these benefits weren’t good enough, collagen also holds water in the intestine, helping food move more smoothly through the gut. You can find Further Food Collagen Peptides here, and use code “SIMPLYSHANNONAGINS10” for a discount on your order!


Okay I know this isn’t really a supplement. It’s a deliciously effervescent drink. I started drinking it in place of soda because I wanted something bubbly that was better for me. But honestly, kombucha is more than a delicious drink. It’s a probiotic supplement! If taking capsules like the Renew Life probiotics I mentioned above isn’t really your thing, maybe kombucha is more your style. It’s delicious on its own, as a cocktail, or as a mocktail like my Ginger Berry Basil Mocktail. Plus, you’re supplementing your gut microbiome! I mean, it really doesn’t get better than that. And yes, I take the Renew Life Probiotics AND drink kombucha, but that’s because I’ve been taking probiotics for a while. Probiotics are not something you want to take a ton of right off the bat. You might spend a little more time in the restroom than you’d like, if you know what I mean. So start small and work your way up. Listen to your body and do what’s best for you! You can find my favorite kombucha here!

Fibromyalgia and IC Supplement Lineup

I know this is a super specific category so if these don’t apply to you, feel free to keep scrolling. However, I know there are a ton of people in the chronic illness community that can benefit from these supplements, so here we go!Simply Shannonagins Supplement Lineup- Fibro & IC


A little over a month ago, FibroAid contacted me asking if I would be interested in trying their product and possibly become an affiliate. So for the last month or so I’ve been taking FibroAid and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my symptoms. FirboAid is the one of the only multivitamin specifically formulated for people with fibromyalgia. It’s designed to help with deficiencies commonly seen in fibro patients and ease inflammation. It contains vitamin D and vitamin B12 to help with fatigue, memory, and focus. It also contains magnesium and flaxseed oil powder to help with pain management. FibroAid contains turmeric and black pepper to help with inflammation. There are other natural ingredients in FibroAid that help with various fibro symptoms like sleep disturbance, brain fog, joint stiffness, and high blood pressure.

A big selling point for me was that it does NOT have vitamin C. This sounds weird, I know, but for those of us also with Interstitial Cystitis (IC), vitamin C supplements (usually ascorbic acid) can pretty severely trigger our IC symptoms. No, this supplement did not cure my fibro. It didn’t make my symptoms non-existent. What FibroAid has done for me is made my symptoms less severe, supported my energy levels, and made my flares shorter and more manageable. And for me, that’s pretty incredible. Use this link to check out FibroAid and receive a discount on your order!

Marshmallow Root

When I first heard of marshmallow root, I was super confused. I was thinking of fluffy white delicious candy. Unfortunately, marshmallow root is not candy. But it is one of my favorite supplements. I’ve taken it in tea form and capsule form, and I’m going to be completely honest with you: I could NOT handle the tea. It was disgusting. So I decided to stick with the capsules. While normally marketed as a digestive or respiratory supplement, marshmallow root has helped reduce my frequency and urgency IC symptoms, as well as decreasing the severity of my pelvic pain. And let me tell ya, not running to the bathroom every 20 minutes is pretty great. Overall, marshmallow root helps with inflammation and the mucosal lining of various organ tissues. You can find more info on marshmallow root here and purchase it here!

Herbal Supplement Lineup

Herbal supplements are no different than conventional supplements in that they should be used to suit your body and your needs. My needs are different than yours and yours are different from anyone else’s. I use these supplements to help myself feel better, function better, and overall live a happier and healthier life. Simply Shannonagins Supplement Lineup- Herbal Supplements

Lion’s Mane

I’ve mentioned lion’s mane before in my Adaptogen Update post. At the time, my focus was on cognitive function. And while that’s still incredibly important to me, I’m super interested in the other benefits of lion’s mane as well. As someone with fibromyalgia, which is a central nervous system disease, I’m all about nerve health. And studies have show that lion’s mane supports the production of nerve growth factor! So I’m all about that! It’s also been used for centuries for its anti-aging and immune support properties, and is even being studying for anti-cancer properties! (Find out more here). I use the lion’s mane from GreenLove, a friend of mine and herbalist local to the Central Coast of California. I’ve also used Om Mushrooms’ lion’s mane and loved it! You can find the GreenLove lion’s mane here and the Om Mushroom’s lion’s mane here.


Many of you, especially my fellow IC warriors, know that caffeine is a no-go for me. I used to live on the stuff. Like I couldn’t function without my morning (and sometimes afternoon) coffee. But when I got diagnosed with IC and my symptoms got really bad, caffeine wasn’t really an option for me anymore. Small doses are fine (like in chocolate or kombucha) but fully caffeinated coffee and I don’t get along too well anymore. So I’ve had to find other ways to boost my energy. Thanks to fibro, the fatigue is real for me some days. It feels like I’m walking through tar with a hundred pound weight on my back. Some days I can barely get out of bed. So anything that helps me fight fatigue is a must for me. That’s where shilajit comes in. It’s a mineral compound from up in the Himalayas that gives you a major energy and immune boost. And that’s definitely a win in my book. I use the shilajit tincture from GreenLove and love it. However, I highly recommend putting it in something that masks the flavor (coffee, hot chocolate, smoothie, etc.) because it’s not the best tasting supplement in the world. You can find the tincture I use here.

Rasa Koffee

Kind of like kombucha, Rasa isn’t really a supplement. It’s a drink. But it has so much herbal goodness, I had to include it in this list! Rasa is an herbal coffee substitute that is ethically and sustainably sourced, with no caffeine and low acidity. For me, other coffee substitutes didn’t work because they were still too acidic. But Rasa is perfect. I drink it every morning in the form of my Caffeine Free Herbal Mocha Latte. It’s loaded with chaga, he shou wu, shatavari, eleuthero, codonopsis, ashwagandha, mycelium, rhodiola, reishi, and ceylon cinnamon. All of these herbs provide you with grounded, mellow energy and support immune health and a healthy stress reaction (both physically and mentally). I’m not exaggerating when I say Rasa has changed my life. I truly believe in this small, woman-owned company out of Boulder, Colorado, and everything about their product. Check out Rasa here and use code “SIMPLYSHANNONAGINS” at checkout for 10% off your order!

Sleep Supplement Lineup Simply Shannonagins Supplement Lineup- Sleep

Olly Restful Sleep

I used to be super averse to taking supplements to help me sleep. It freaked me out. But with fibro and IC, as well as anxiety, I got to a point where I simply needed help. I was pretty much incapable of falling asleep at a reasonable hour and my sleep was anything but restful. When I saw the Olly Restful Sleep gummies at Target a while back, I thought I’d give them a try. And guys, they’re so good. Not only do they work great, but they taste great, too! You can find them here!

Good Night’s Rest

I’ve mentioned GreenLove a couple times throughout this post and that’s because I truly believe in Ashley, the owner, and everything she is doing with her company. All of her herbs are ethically and sustainably sourced, and she makes all tinctures and other products herself! Trying to find something a little more natural to help me with my sleeping issues, I asked Ashley about her Good Night’s Rest tincture. And it’s literally the best thing I’ve ever used to help me sleep. While I can’t stand the taste, I use vegetarian capsules to take it just like a pill. And I can honestly say, if I’m having a hard time sleeping, this is the best thing I can take to knock me out. Check it out here!

Final Thoughts

I want to reiterate that supplementation is extremely personal. Your needs are different from anyone else’s. I simply wanted to share what’s working for me, in case any of this can work for you too! It is always a good idea to consult with a doctor or medical professional before taking dietary supplements, especially if you’re on any prescribed medication.

If you have any questions at all, or want to share what’s working for you, leave a comment below!

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  1. Awesome list! I have a crazy supplement routine too–tumeric, the ritual multivitamins, probiotics and a bunch recommended from Grain Brain–but have been debating adding collagen too!

    1. Honestly I swear by collagen! I mean you won’t see the benefits immediately because it’s helping rebuild tissue, but honestly by digestion has been great, my nails are SO much stronger, my skin is clear, and my hair is growing so fast. I love it. And I take turmeric every day too! It’s in the FibroAid supplement to help with inflammation and it makes a huge difference! Glad you’ve found a routine that works for you!

    1. I can’t recommend probiotics enough. Honestly they’ve made my digestion way more reliable! Just find one that works for you! Or eat/drink fermented foods haha

  2. Wow! Thanks for your recommendations. I also suffer from intestinal problems, right now I’m taking a flaxseed-based tea, but I could use probiotics. I also have a little anxiety so I drink decaffeinated coffee. How is the taste of that herbal coffee? I’m not sure if I could give up to coffee completely 🙁

    1. I’ve never heard of flaxseed tea! Is it good? Does it help? Always looking for ways to improve my digestion! I try to eat a lot of fiber too haha. And The herbal coffee has a coffee-like taste, but a little nuttier and a little less bitter. I know a lot of people mix it in with their coffee to either get the adaptogenic and herbal benefits or to help wean themselves off caffeine! Giving up coffee can be so hard. Not going to lie, I have the occasional decaf latte, but I can’t by any means do it regularly, so Rasa has been a godsend for me!

      1. I haven’t been taking the flaxseed tea from long, but it helps me with constipation, which is what most affects me. I am also always looking for natural alternatives and trying to eat better (i’m not so good in that though 😀 ). Someday I would like to be like you, that you have been able to drop coffee almost completely. As soon as I have the opportunity, I will try the Rasa coffee, it seems that it has many benefits.

        1. Eating healthy can be so hard sometimes, but it’s all about finding food that you enjoy that nourishes you! I try to think of it that way as opposed to “eating better” ya know? Eating in a way that serves me physically, but emotionally as well! And kicking coffee is SO HARD! I literally used to drink multiple cups a day and get lattes all the time. I “quit” multiple times but would inevitably pick the habit back up again. I think I finally just got to the point where I was tired of feeling horrible all the time and quitting coffee was necessary for me to feel better and start to heal my body again. If you need any tips, let me know!

          1. You are right, there are ways to eat healthy and delicious at the same time. I will check around your site as I see you have also many yummy recipes. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Very interesting post. I’ve heard of Marshmallow being an ancient medicine but I didn’t know that it was being using today. I need to check into the tinctures, I’ve been hearing a lot about them.

    1. It’s amazing what herbs are still used today that have been used for hundreds of years! It’s definitely worth looking into what works for you! Marshmallow has been great for the health of my bladder, and was recommended by my conventional doctor, which I think is great! If you go to your local health food store, or even a CVS or Walgreens, you can find a bunch of different herbs in capsules. And as for the tinctures, you can find many different ones out there from CBD to mushrooms to other herbs. A lot of herbalists will make them specifically for your needs, which is amazing!

  4. Wow did I ever learn a lot about supplements, what a marvelous list! Have you ever heard of doTERRA? They are an essential oils company, I have been taking their multi-vitamin supplements for a few weeks now and utterly love them. I would love to try that Raza Koffee, I recently bought my first bag of bullet proof coffee and have been putting MCT oil in it every morning. I love taking things we do everyday and putting a healthy twist on it 🙂 Loved all the info!!

    1. I have heart of doTERRA! I’ve heard a lot of good things! I’m glad you found something that works for you! I think you will love Rasa if you get a chance to try it! I put coconut butter in mine every morning and it’s so good! I love making little healthy changes to my everyday routine too!

    1. haha they’ve gotten really popular in the wellness world in the last few years! Whether it’s capsules, kombucha, or other fermented foods, people are all about the probiotics these days. But I definitely think the hype is justified. I know they help me a ton too!

  5. After a bout of terrible strep throat a year ago, I decided to take much better care of myself, especially when it comes to living in a big city like Los Angeles where there are germs everywhere. I take zinc, women’s probiotics. biotin plus keratin, Super B complex (especially important since I don’t eat meat), and a women’s daily vitamin. I could definitely tell a difference in my overall health when I started getting serious about supplements.

    Great post! x


    1. Strep throat is the worst! I’m so glad you found a regimen that works for you and that you notice a difference! I feel like we often take supplements because we think we’re supposed to, but honestly don’t feel any difference. I’m all about doing what works for you and making yourself feel as good as possible! So glad you’re doing that!

  6. This is really useful. I’ve always struggled with my digestive system and it hasn’t really improved even since being diagnosed coeliac disease. I did try probiotics for a while, think it may be time to experiment again 💗

    1. Digestive issues are no fun! I’m sorry you’re dealing with them! And not all probiotics are the same or made equally, so don’t give up if one doesn’t work for you! But definitely don’t continue if it makes you feel worse haha. And talking to your doc is never a bad idea!

  7. I find I have phases I go through; feeling i need a boost, researching different supplements, and really going for it – then it all phases out and I’m back to square one!! Have tried Collagen in the past but, I think it is maybe something i should have taken in my twenties to prep me for later in life – not sure it works ‘now’ but I would be happy to hear if you think it’s worth me continuing if you think it would really help a 40-year old (with wrinkles definitely already showing!!)

    1. I totally understand that! The only reason I’m able to stick with it now is because I’m seeing benefits and I take them when I take my meds in the morning, so it’s easy to remember!

      I definitely think you can benefit from collagen! It’s not only good for skin elasticity and hydration, but for joint and digestive health as well. I truly believe everyone can benefit!

    1. It’s all about what works best for your body. I highly recommend talking to your doc before starting anything, to see if they have any suggestions and make sure nothing interacts with meds you may already be on. I’m not sure if you already follow her, but you should check out Stronger Than POTS on instagram! She’s loaded with info and she’s so genuine and kind. And I know she’s talked about supplements for POTS in the past! She may even have a blog post about it!

    1. I’ve used Garden of Life’s Raw D3 vitamin before (the one with chlorella in it is my favorite) because I also have vitamin D3 and B12 deficiencies and LOVED it! I honestly can’t recommend it enough. The only reason I’m not still taking it is that FibroAid has vitamin D3 and B12 in it, so I don’t need to take other supplements. There are so many good supplements out there, you just need to find what works for you!

  8. This sounds like a lot, but honestly that’s also really good self-care! This is a really helpful post, especially for those looking for information about these supplements. I know I’m gonna need this list soon enough. Haha!

    1. I know it sounds like a lot, but I wouldn’t use them if they didn’t help! I’m glad you found this list helpful!

    1. I’m so glad you found the list useful! You can find the supplements on Amazon by following the links I tagged! 🙂

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