Chocolate Chip Sunbutter Power Balls

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A few weeks ago, I was discussing blog stuff with my dad on the phone (so grateful for his support). Somewhere in the conversation he asked if I could develop a recipe for him, and of course I said yes. He asked for an easy snack full of protein and healthy fats, with minimal sugar, but still super tasty. So, of course my mind went directly to power balls. I asked him if he wanted something like a ball or a cookie. My dad, having a sometimes slightly less-than-mature sense of humor, said, “Balls would be great! And you could call them ‘Dad’s Balls!'” chocolate chip sunflower butter power balls

Now, I know this joke may be a little less than savory to some, but it definitely inspired a sweet, healthy treat! Of course, I’m not about to call them “Dad’s Balls” (I do have SOME sense of decency), but it definitely inspired me to come up with this delicious recipe.

Dad’s Power Balls

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a sunbutter kick lately. It’s just SO good! Having a thick and super creamy texture, sunbutter makes the perfect base of these power balls. It also brings some great, healthy fats to the party! Natural almond flour and flax seed are the perfect binding agents, adding fiber and omega-3s to these flavorful treats. Collagen adds some additional protein and provides beauty and gut health benefits. sunbutter power balls


A little local honey give these power balls some natural sweetness, while providing some allergy support during these pollen-filled spring months! Chia seeds give these snacks a nice little crunch, while bringing some extra fiber, protein, and omega-3s to the table. Chocolate chips and shredded coconut make these little snacks taste like cookies without any of the added sugar (depending on your chocolate chips of course!).

These nutrient-dense power balls also make the perfect vessel for getting in some extra adaptogens and tonic herbs! I used cordyceps and he shou wu because of their energy and longevity benefits. Cordyceps are my go-to adaptogen any time I’m needing a little extra boost. He shou wu not only has a naturally sweet, almost vanilla flavor, but it’s also packed with other benefits. He shou wu is one of my favorite beautifying herbs! It’s also ideal for overall health and anti-aging benefits. These are my favorites, but you can use whatever herbs you like in this recipe, or none at all! It’s completely up to you. chocolate chip sunflower butter power balls

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Sunbutter Power Balls
Course Snacks
Prep Time 15 minutes
Course Snacks
Prep Time 15 minutes
  1. Mix sunbutter, almond flour, flax, chia, almond milk, honey, and collagen in a large bowl with a rubber spatula until fully combined.
  2. Add in he shou wu and cordyceps. Mix until fully combined.
  3. Fold in chocolate chips and shredded coconut until evenly combined.
  4. Roll mixture into balls slightly smaller than a golf ball.
  5. Store in fridge and enjoy!
Recipe Notes

He shou wu and cordyceps are optional. You are welcome to use whatever adaptogenic or tonic herbs you'd like, or none at all!

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  1. These look so delicious but I wonder if they would taste the same with regular flour? I’m allergic to almonds so I can’t use almond flour. Thoughts?

    Thanks for sharing! x


    1. That’s a super interesting question. I’m not sure about regular flour, as it definitely has a different texture. But maybe a hazelnut flour or even a chickpea flour? I think it would be super fun to experiment with different flours, and there are so many out there! Bob’s Red Mill has the best selection if you ask me. If you do try these with a different flour, I’d love to hear how they turn out! Thank you so much for checking out this recipe!

  2. These look amazing! I’d need to replace the almond flour, probably with coconut flour, but what a great recipe! I hope your dad liked them? He must be very proud to have a recipe made just for him.

    1. He was pretty excited that I put that story in the post haha. But he hasn’t had the chance to try them yet. Soon though! And if you do end up replacing the almond flour with another flour, please let me know how they turn out! I love hearing about substitutions like that!

  3. I love how this looks yummy & convenient to make without using the oven. Plus the ingredients are easily accessible. I love the fact that it also has benefits for the skin & health. I’m very excited to try this one out!

  4. Dad’s Balls!!!! Lol! Too funny. I actually laughed out loud as I was reading your post! They sound delicious! I’ve been into finding sugar free low carb treats lately! I’ll add these “Dad’s Balls” to the list! Wink. Have an awesome day!

    1. Haha my dad thinks he’s pretty funny… and I guess he’s not wrong haha. I was laughing so hard during that convo! I hope you enjoy these! Thanks for checking it out!

  5. This looks so good! I want to try this at home, but I’m not sure if I could find collagen powder in our nearby supermarket.

    1. If you don’t have collagen, that’s totally okay! They should work without it! I just like adding it in because it’s extra protein and has great health benefits! And if you do want it and have access, you can find it on amazon!

  6. I have always been wanting to make these types of power balls – I know they are so good but also satisfy so many cravings! I have never heard of sunbutter before!

    1. These were the first ones I’ve ever made and I’m obsessed! Sunbutter is a great nut butter alternative, but you definitely have to like sunflower seeds! It tastes exactly like them, because it’s literally just ground sunflower seeds and salt. At least, the one I use from Trader Joe’s is! It’s really thick and creamy. Like even smoother than smooth peanut butter. Almost has a frosting texture. It’s so good!

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