My Intentions for June 2018

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You see them all over Instagram. Everyone and their mother is setting intentions these days. Whether it’s a new month or a new moon, intentions are all the rage right now. But you know what? I think that’s pretty great! I think it shows how much everyone is working to live their best possible lives. And I think that’s pretty incredible.

So what is an “intention” by definition is a determination of behaving a certain way. It’s not a resolution. It’s not a rule. But it’s something that we can set for ourselves that helps us think about what we want and what we need to do to get it. The coolest thing about intentions for me is that there is no such thing as a “wrong” or “bad” intention. It’s all incredibly specific to who you are and what you want. So, with that in mind, here are my intentions for June 2018.

June 2018 Intentions

Read or Draw Every Day

Even though I’m a graduate student (finishing up my last class before I FINALLY have my master’s!) I need some mental stimulation that isn’t academic. Yeah, reading about mathematical program is fun and all (it’s not), but there’s something about reading a novel or true crime book that makes every day a little better. Similarly, I really want to start drawing again. It’s something I truly love doing Similar to the blog, I love the thought of creating something beautiful, something uniquely mine. While reading and drawing are both mentally stimulating, they’re also great ways to help manage my anxiety. I’m looking forward to doing more of both this month! june intentions

Focus on the Good

Of my June intentions, this may be the most important. When life gets particularly challenging, staying positive can be incredibly hard. On really bad flare days, focusing on the good seems nearly impossible. But, no matter how bad your day, there is always something good. Always. Even if it’s just simply that you’re alive and have a roof over your head, there is always something good to focus on. And shifting your attention from your challenges to your blessings can change your entire outlook and improve your day. It’s much easier said than done, especially on really bad days, but I’m still going to make an active effort to focus on the good.

More Horse Time

Now that the weather is warming up and my symptoms are (mostly) under control, I intend to spend more time with my horse! Riding is incredibly fun, but it’s more than that. For me, horseback riding is an opportunity to get outside, get some movement in, and escape from the world a bit. Plus, my horse Prancer is just the sweetest thing and spending time with him is always enjoyable. june intentions

Less Screen Time

I have a major tech addiction. I love Instagram, Pinterest, blogging, and everything on my computer. Also, because I’m finishing up my master’s remotely, all of my school work is on the computer. I’m almost always typing away or clicking on something. When I’m not on my computer, I’m on my phone. I know this is a super common problem these days, but it’s something I want to take steps towards fixing. As I mentioned earlier, I want to read and draw more. But I also want to DO more. Granted, this is all dependent on my health and my symptoms, but I really want to go actually do things that make me not want to be on my phone. This one is going to take some work, but I think I can decrease my screen time. I’m going to get outside more, get off all tech by 9pm (the hardest part for me), and take screen-free breaks from my computer work every 45-60 minutes. If you have anymore tips, let me know below!

Give Myself a Break

I can be incredibly hard on myself. I’m truly my own worst critic. I feel guilt for taking steps to take care of myself, for enjoying my good days, and for not being able to do everything I “should” be doing. I hate that word. “Should”. All it does is produce guilt. And I tell you what, my anxious self doesn’t need any more guilt. So this month, and probably every month in the future, I intend to use that word less and use what I learned in You are a Badass by Jen Sincero more. My intentions are to do what I can, take care of myself, and let that be enough. I don’t want to feel guilty for my illness, for practicing self care, or for doing what I need to do. This month, I intend to give myself a bit of a break. june 2018 intentions

Your Intentions

So, there you have it. My five intentions for June 2018. It may not seem like much, but even just writing them down here helps me focus on what I truly want, and act accordingly. But now I want to know what you want for yourself this month? What do you want and what are you going to do about it? What are your June 2018 intentions?

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  1. Love the idea of intention setting. I also need to focus on giving myself a break & cutting down on screen time… I can really relate to everything you said!

    1. I love intention setting too! I think it’s good for us all to give ourselves a break sometimes. All we can do is the best we can, right?

  2. Less screen time and giving myself a break sounds perfect! I’m trying to mentally set my intentions for the day and stay positive. I also want to be more productive.

    1. Being more productive is good too! Just try not to be too hard on yourself! I’m sure you’re doing great!

  3. Hey Shannon, these are some really good goals for the month of June. I think that less screen time is definitely something I should try. We get so wrapped up in our social media accounts and it’s always good to have a break.

    1. I know I’m the worst about always checking my social media accounts. But it’s always good to take a little time for yourself!

  4. Congrats on being so close to getting your Master’s!
    I love your list! I could use most of those things in my life.

  5. I agree with less screen time, and more horsey time, Prancer is adorable. Plus screen time is really starting to become a issue in America these days, I love social media too, but I have to limit myself, especially on instagram it’s out of control, and can suck all your time 😂😂😂😂😂

    1. haha instagram and pinterest are major time sucks for me! and twitter until I get frustrated with people haha. And thank you about prancer. He’s such a love!

  6. Thanks for sharing! I too am aiming for less screen time and more reading. My other intentions for this month are to write as much as possible, regardless of genre, and spend a lot of time outdoors.

    1. Write all the things! Writing is such a fun way to express yourself and honestly it’s super therapeutic! Also, YES to more times outdoors! I’ve been making a point to eat breakfast and sometimes dinner outside if nothing else. It’s been getting hot here so that’s when it’s nicest. It just makes everything seem so much better doesn’t it?

  7. These are all great ideas! It can be so hard now days to have screen free time! I think just leaving your phone out of site out of mind can help a lot! Just don’t be like me and forget where you put it! LOl 😉

    1. Haha I do that all the time too! It’s so hard to not be on your phone all the time when instagram and pinterest exist, but it’s so important.

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