5 Money Apps I’m Obsessed with Right Now

If you have any kind of smartphone at all, chances are apps are a part of your everyday life.  Most of us probably use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram the most (I know I do), but there are infinite apps out there. There are apps to make your life easier or more enjoyable, save you money or save you time. Basically anything you can think of, there’s an app for that.

As much as all of us like to think that money can’t buy happiness, it’s just a fact that money is a necessity in this world. If you’re anything like me, you’re trying to save money when you can (even though you also love spending it). Money and finance apps are probably some of my favorite on my phone, and they’re ones I use like crazy. So, I want to take the time to share the apps that are making my finances bit better. These are all apps I use all the time, and they’ve helped me literally save over $1,000 over the last year beyond what I was already working on saving.

5 Money Apps I’m Obsessed with Right Now


Qapital is a savings app that has made putting money away as easy as doing nothing. Literally. With Qapital, you’re able to link your bank account and debit card (securely) to your Qapital savings account, then set different savings rules, so you don’t even have to think about saving. My personal favorite saving rules are rounding up, quilty pleasure, 52 week, and payday. Rounding up is just what it sounds like; every purchase you make with your debit card is rounded up to the next dollar and the change is put into your savings account. You can set a guilty pleasure rule by choosing a particular retailer and setting an amount to save each time you shop there. For me, I put away $10 every time I shop at either Target or Whole Foods. The 52 week rule is kind of fun, and towards the end of the year, you really put a lot of way. For the first week of the year, you put away $1, for the second week, you put save $2, and so on in that manner. The last rule I use is the payday rule, that puts away 5% of each paycheck I receive, but you can put away whatever percentage you set. There are so many other rules you can choose from, and they’re as customizable as you’d like! You can also withdrawal your cash and cancel rules at any time!

5 Money Apps I'm Obsessed With Right Now

If Qapital sounds like an app that can help you out, use this link to start saving, and Qapital will even kick in $20 for you!


Ibotta is one of those apps that makes your Target receipt a little less painful. Using your receipt, you can claim offers from some of your favorite retailers, grocery stores, and online stores to get cash back. The app saves it for you, and once you’ve saved $20 (which doesn’t take that long if you go to Target or the grocery store on a regular basis), you can transfer it to your bank account! Basically, you can get cash back on things you would normally buy anyway and sometimes, you might find products you never knew you needed! It’s basically like a scavenger hunt that saves you money. And I’ve already gotten a few friends hooked on it too!

5 Money Apps I'm Obsessed With Right Now

If Ibotta is something you’re interested in trying, use code “xdkfeld” when setting up for app and you’ll get an extra $5!


Drop is another one of those “set it and forget it” apps that gets you some fun rewards simply just for doing the shopping you were going to do anyway. You link Drop to your debit or credit card, and then you get points for purchases you make at any of their participating retailers. You don’t have to scan anything or do any extra steps. You simply shop where you always shop, and if it’s eligible for Drop points, you’ll get them! Then, when you have enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards. So far, I’ve gotten 2 $10 Amazon gift cards (and used them) for literally doing nothing different. And there are so many other gift cards available for when you’re ready to redeem your points!

5 Money Apps I'm Obsessed with Right Now

If Drop sounds like something you might like, use code “ihm5v” to get 5000 points (the equivalent of $5) right off the bat!


If you’ve watched TV at all, or searched for coupons on the internet, you’ve probably heard of Ebates. When I first heard about it, I honestly thought Ebates was a scam. How can you be earning money when you’re spending money? That just doesn’t make sense. Then my sister told me about her experiences with it so I decided to give it a try. I realized that, similarly to Ibotta, eBates is simply a way to get cash back for shopping I’m going to do anyway. I make a point to use it any time I’m shopping on Amazon, Target’s website, or really any well-known online retailer. I use the Google Chrome plugin as well as the app on my phone. While you don’t get a ton back on every purchase (the most I’ve seen is 10%, and that’s pretty uncommon), it’s a great way to save cash little by little. And if you do a lot of online shopping, it’s pretty perfect for you.

5 Money Apps I'm Obsessed with Right Now

Use this link to get a $10 bonus when you sign up and use the app!


So far, I’ve only used Honey simply as a plugin for Google Chrome that helps you find the best deals online. No, you don’t get cashback with this one. But Honey saves you money by scanning the web for the best coupon codes for the website you’re shopping on. Honey also tracks price changes so you can know if there is a better time to buy what you’re looking for. Even better, it lets you know when prices on your favorite items drop so you can know you’re getting  a good deal. If you’re an avid Google Chrome user and online shopper like I am, it’s honestly a must-have. And, they’re coming out with an app! I’ve just joined the waitlist, and I can’t wait to see how it works on my phone. Stay tuned for updates to this post, as well as on social media, for my thoughts! But until then, I highly recommend getting the plugin. I mean, who doesn’t love a good coupon code, right?

5 Money Apps I'm Obsessed with Right Now

For a $5 bonus with your first purchase using Honey, use this link!

Full Disclosure

All of the links and codes I’ve provided in this post are reference links and codes. No, I’m not an affiliate, and I really do love and use all of these super frequently. I wouldn’t share them with you if I didn’t! But if you do use any of these links or codes, I will get a bonus on the associated app as well.

Similarly, if you have any apps or tips that help you save money, leave a comment below (with a referral code or link if you’d like!) so others can benefit as well! We’re all just trying to save money here, right?

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