My Favorite Ways to Practice Self Care

My Favorite Ways To Practice Self Care

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If you’ve read just about any of my posts, especially my “No Excuses” Mentality post, you know I’m a big proponent of self care. I can’t begin to express how important I believe self care is for everyone and anyone, regardless of how happy and well-adjusted you are. Whether you practice self care for your mental health, emotional health, or physical health, you need to take care of yourself. And that’s really what it’s all about!

So before I get into my favorite ways to practice self care, I want to touch on something. The way you and I take care of ourselves may look completely different. My self care practices may sound horrible to you, or they may sounds perfect. The thing is, self care is SO individual. Just like I discussed bioindividuality in my supplements post, the things our bodies, minds, and souls crave are going to be different. And thus, our self care routines may be different as well. My Favorite Ways to Practice Self Care

I wanted to write this post for a few reason. The first is I wanted to inspire you to start practicing self care, if you don’t already. Whether it’s developing a routine, or just the occasional action (or inaction), I want you to start taking care of yourself. The second reason I wanted to write this post about My Favorite Ways to Practice Self Care is to give you some ideas if you need them. Sometimes we all need a little bit of extra idea inspo, so I want this post to be a resource for you. Finally, I wanted to write this post for myself, to reflect on what’s serving me at this point in my life. I’m writing this post so I have something to refer back to when I’m feeling a bit depleted and don’t know how to help myself. So, here we go!

My Favorite Ways to Practice Self Care


Okay I know this one might sound like a cop out to be lazy, but that’s not it at all. All of our bodies need rest. Literally. They require it to function. Even if you’re trying to get super fit or badass boss babe trying to start your own business, you require rest. If you have a chronic illness like me, you might require more rest than others.

At this point in my life, I require at least 8 hours of sleep every night, plus time to unwind at the end of the day. Sometimes, I even require full recovery days, where I lay in bed a good portion of the day. This allows me to be at my best more frequently and for longer amounts of time than when I was constantly pushing myself to do more and be more (read: grad school). So please, do yourself a favor and rest. Even if you don’t need a ton, your body and your mind will thank you for taking a bit of a break.


My Favorite Ways to Practice Self Care

While this may sound contradictory to my previous self care practice, I promise you it’s not. Movement and rest can, and should, coexist. But just like all self care, movement looks different for everyone. For me these days it means walking, riding my horse, and maybe some light weights or an occasional hike. Maybe. It used to be a bit more intense, but that’s just not what my body can handle right now. And THAT’S OKAY. But moving, whatever that means for you, can help improve your physical and mental health. And that’s why it’s one of My Favorite Ways to Practice Self Care.


While I love the blogging community and all of my readers, the main reason I blog is simply because it brings me joy. This style of writing, and having somewhere to get my thoughts down, is incredibly therapeutic to me. Additionally, the idea that I may potentially help others is why I blog more often than I journal. Through blogging, I have the privilege to share my experiences and hopefully show others that they are not alone in their struggles. For more personal matters, or just random thoughts, journaling is also extremely therapeutic. If writing is something that you think may serve you as a self care practice, look into some writing prompts or just start writing what feels good!


My Favorite Ways to Practice Self CareThere is nothing more therapeutic for me than time in the kitchen. Whether it’s cooking, baking, mixing, or blending, if it tastes good, I’ll eat it (and yes, Bizarre Foods is one of my favorite shows). And if you’ve looked at any of my recipes, you’ve definitely seen that! I absolutely love food, and try to make dishes that not only taste great, but are healthy and nourishing as well. For me, preparing and eating nutritious food is the ultimate self care because it relaxes me, but also helps me support a healthy and nourished lifestyle. Even if you’re not much of a cook, finding one or two dishes you can make yourself is incredibly empowering. And it’s pretty fun too!

Go Outside

I know I mentioned this in my “7 Ways to Have a Better Day” post, but that’s because it’s a big one for me. Even if I only get outside to eat breakfast or to just go say hi to my horse, getting a little fresh air and sunshine is important for my day-to-day wellbeing. If I have a day that I can’t get outside, I can feel the depression creeping back and I hate it. So I make a point to get outside every single day, even if only for a few minutes at a time. It’s incredible what mother nature can do for the soul! Andt this is literally one of the easiest ways to practice self care! You can literally just go lay in the grass or you can go for a hike. It’s the best, and it’s scientifically proven to make your day better!My Favorite Ways to Practice Self Care


I barely ever watch TV anymore because I’m almost always listening to podcasts! There’s just something so relaxing about listening to someone tell a story or teach you about something. I listen to them all day to keep me entertained and happy. And I listen to them at night when I need some white noise to help me sleep. This is such an easy way to practice self care because you can literally do it at almost any time. Heck, I’m listening to one as I type this. Also, there are podcasts for everyone and every interest! If you’re looking for some podcast recommendations, check out my post on some of my favorites!

Spa Day

No, no. I don’t mean spending a bunch of money to have someone slather some stuff on your face or rub your back for a bit. I’m talking about a mini at-home spa day. For me, this means exfoliating with my Soniclear Petite Antimicrobial Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush or painting my nails. I also like to turn on my Pink Himalayan salt lamp and diffuse some mellowing essential oils so really set the mood. Sometimes I even meditate while I do a face mask, but that’s when I really want to feel zen. If you don’t have time to exfoliate or paint your nails (I’m looking at my mamma readers here!), see if you can set aside some time for a nice hot shower and use some fun lotion. Whatever sounds luxurious to you, and can be done at home, do that! My Favorite Ways to Practice Self Care

What Does Self Care Mean to You?

So now that you have some ideas about how I practice self care, I want to know about you! What does self care mean to you? Do you already have a routine in place? Is it something you prioritize in your life? Do you want to? Tell me all about it below! And if you have any questions at all, please ask!

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  1. Rest is my #1 way of practicing self care; not only getting enough sleep, but adding in times to rest around big events or weekend plans. I try to make sure I wind down enough before bed too, so that when I do go to sleep I’m not tossing and turning for a while.

    1. I have to rest around big events too or I won’t recover well. I’m so bad about winding down before bed, so that’s something I’m definitely working on!

    1. It really is! I know some people who love to run for self care and I’m like heck no! And for me, rest is super important, but others thrive on constantly doing things! I’m so glad you’re finding what works for you!

  2. A spa day sounds so lovely right now! I completely agree with going outside – even if it’s to sit outside in our backyard, I feel like I need it! My husband thinks I’m crazy because I’ll be working outside on my laptop when its 90 degrees out!

    1. haha oh I’m totally the same way! I also get crazy looks from the family when I go out on the back porch with my laptop when it’s in the 50s out haha (I live in California, so that’s cold for us haha)

    1. That’s great! I’m so glad you found something that works for you! I love moving outside too. Just makes everything so much more enjoyable!

  3. I haven’t listened to any podcasts (or rather, I never keep up with them…) but I really do want to give them a try! I heard so many people say that they found clarity through listening to a great podcast!

    1. haha I listen to them all the time! It’s just a nice way to learn or listen to stories without watching TV. I honestly rarely watch TV anymore because I’m almost always listening to podcasts!

  4. Resting, whether it be sleeping or just doing something that I truly enjoy, is the best method of self-care for me – it really re-motivates me for the days to come!

    1. I’m so glad it’s working for you!! Isn’t is amazing how much it helps? And I’m glad you’re working on getting outside more!

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