Caffeine Free Herbal Mocha Latte

Caffeine Free Herbal Mocha Latte

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I’ve missed coffee. The nutty aroma, the energy, the ritual. All of it. But, when my Interstitial Cystitis got worse, I had to cut it out of my diet completely. The acidity and the caffeine were just too much for my body to handle. So I went months without a morning drink. I missed having a warm mug of something every morning, but I just couldn’t figure out what to have. Then, I decided to start making my Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate  and never looked back. After a couple months of variations on this hot chocolate every morning, I started looking at coffee alternatives to try, and now I’m drinking this Caffeine Free Herbal Mocha Latte almost every morning. Dandy Blend didn’t work for me and I tried other herbal alternatives, but my body just wasn’t into it. Then, one day, I saw Rasa Koffee on Instagram. I know, I know. So typical right? Trying some trendy product you see on social media. But guys, this stuff is AMAZING. And while I am an affiliate with them (you can purchase Rasa here with my affiliate link or use code “SIMPLYSHANNONAGINS” at checkout!), I wouldn’t be sharing their product if I didn’t absolutely love it. Rasa is barely acidic, caffeine free, and full of powerful adaptogenic and tonic herbs. It gives you a mellow boost without making you feel jittery. And it’s the perfect base for my Caffeine Free Herbal Mocha Latte!

Caffeine Free Herbal Mocha Latte

A Quick Adaptogen Update

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’ve been super into adaptogenic and tonic herbs. I started with some shrooms: reishi, lion’s mane, and cordyceps. Reishi is amazing for physical and mental stress management. It’s calming but also helps your body adapt to different external and internal stresses (hence the name “adaptogen”). I still consume lion’s mane on a daily basis to help with cognitive and nerve health (hello, fibro!). And cordyceps is essential for me on mornings I wake up utterly fatigues and exhausted. It helps boost my energy to at least functional levels!

Through more research and some amazing guidance from Ashley at GreenLove (a local herbalist from whom I get a lot of my goods), I’ve expanded my horizons a bit. I also now consumer shilajit almost every morning as well to boost my energy and support my immune system. Schisandra berry is a favorite of mine these days as well to help support cleansing. I take it in the Beauty Elixir Powder from GreenLove that also includes ingredients like tremella, lognan fruit, pearl powder, and he shou wu. I also started taking chaga, either in tincture form or drinking Rasa Koffee. Chaga is amazing for immune support, which I know we could all use a little more of. Other herbs in Rasa include eleuthero, shatavari, he shou wu, codonopsis, ashwagandha, mycelium, rhodiola, ceylon cinnamon, and reishi.

If adaptogenic, tonic, and Ayurvedic are something that interest you, I highly recommend doing a bit of research before starting. They can be very beneficial, but not every herb is suitable for every person. Some may even interact with medications you may be taking. I am not a doctor, dietitian, or herbalist. I highly recommend speaking to a professional as well as doing your own research before jumping in! And if you’re skeptical of the power of these herbs, I completely understand. I was too. However, the more I use them and the more research I do, the less skeptical I become. Caffeine Free Herbal Mocha Latte

Caffeine Free Herbal Mocha Latte

Some of you are probably thinking, why would I drink a mocha if it doesn’t have any caffeine? Isn’t that kind of the point? Well, caffeine isn’t always the best thing for your adrenals or your sleep patterns. Additionally, there can be other ways to increase your energy that aren’t caffeine related. Plus, some people are intolerant to caffeine and have to find other ways to enjoy their favorite coffee-based drinks.

That’s why I developed this Caffeine Free Herbal Mocha Latte. I’m one of those people who loves coffee but can’t have it. So, I found a coffee substitute I love and started playing around with different blends. This one is just so good that I felt the need to share it with you! Even if you are a loyal coffee drinker, I know you’ll enjoy this drink.

With coconut butter, ceylon cinnamon, and cacao powder, there is no need for added sugar. This elixir is the perfect combo of sweet and bitter on it’s own. Just like any good mocha. If you do want something a little sweeter, you can always add a little coconut sugar or maple syrup to this Caffeine Free Herbal Mocha Latte. The best thing about this drink, besides the flavor and health benefits of course, is the froth! The healthy fats from the coconut butter and the amino acids in the Further Food Collagen Peptides (code “SIMPLYSHANNONAGINS10” for a discount on your Further Food products) help this drink get super frothy when blended! A nice frothy layer makes every drink a little better, dontcha think? Caffeine Free Herbal Mocha Latte

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Caffeine Free Herbal Mocha Recipe
Prep Time 5-10 minutes (including herbal coffee prep time)
Prep Time 5-10 minutes (including herbal coffee prep time)
  1. Prepare herbal coffee substitute according to package directions.
  2. Add coffee substitute and all other ingredients except collagen to a blender. Make sure you blender has the ability to vent a little as you don't want to blend hot liquids without allowing for venting of steam.
  3. Blend for approximately 10 seconds.
  4. Add collagen powder to blender. **
  5. Blend mixture for another 3 seconds.
  6. Pour in glass and enjoy hot. You can also put this mixture in the fridge to chill for later and enjoy over ice.
Recipe Notes

* I add a dropper-full of a lion's mane tincture as well as a shilajit tincture in this elixir every morning for cognitive and nerve health, as well as additional energy and immune support.

** Blending collagen too long will break down the amino acids of the collagen and you will lose the hair, skin, nail, and gut health benefits

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    1. haha I love coffee too, but even decaf sometimes gets me into trouble! This is the drink I’ve literally been having every morning these days, so I hope he enjoys it! Even better, there’s no added sugar!

    1. As someone who can’t really do coffee, I love having this alternative honestly. And you can get so creative with tonics! It’s all about what works best for you and what you’re needing that day. I almost always have collagen, lion’s mane, and shilajit in mine, but otherwise I change it up sometimes. If you have any questions about tonics, let me know! I’d be happy to answer them!

    1. Thank you so much for checking it out! As a former coffee addict who can’t have caffeine anymore, I’d say it’s perfect for that!

    1. I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough! If you use my code “SIMPLYSHANNONAGINS” you’ll get 15% off! Plus they have a money back guarantee, so there’s really no risk!

    1. I hope you do! It’s seriously the best! Don’t forget to use “SIMPLYSHANNONAGINS” for a discount on Rasa! It’s literally the best coffee substitute I’ve found. Not acidic, but still has a kind of bitter coffee taste haha. It’s honestly good on it’s own too! And they have a money back guarantee!

    1. Thank you so much! Please let me know if you do! And if you have any questions about Rasa! Don’t forget about the coupon code to save you some money!

  1. Coffee has always really bugged me and I couldn’t figure out why! I’m going to try this! Maybe it is the acidity!

    1. If you do try out Rasa, be sure to use my code “SIMPLYSHANNONAGINS” for a discount! The acidity of regular coffee just kills be, but Rasa’s pH is pretty near neutral so it doesn’t bother me one bit! If you have any questions, let me know!

  2. This sounds amazing! I am going to have to give this a try! I LOVE coffee. I have had to switch from drinking caffeine to decaff, due to my anxiety and heart palpitations. Even with this change, I still have some trouble, and don’t want to give up my coffee! This might be the trick. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I had to give up caffeine for medical reasons too so I totally feel your pain! Honestly Rasa has been a total lifesaver for me. And it’s low acidity too which is even better! If you’re interested in giving it a try, they have a money back guarantee! And if you use code “SIMPLYSHANNONAGINS” you’ll get 15% off and I’ll get a small commission! If this doesn’t quite sound like your thing too, that’s okay! I know a lot of people like Dandy Blend for a coffee sub!

    1. haha I’m sure you could try it with regular coffee too! I can’t have much in the way of caffeine anymore, so I find delicious things like Rasa to fill the place of coffee, and man it’s good!

  3. Sounds great! I’am a coffee lover and I can’t start my day without coffee. I should give this a try! Great post!

    1. I hope you found this helpful! I know how hard it can be to cut caffeine! If you’re interested in trying Rasa Koffee, please feel free to use my code “SIMPLYSHANNONAGINS” to get a discount!

    1. If that’s the case, this is PERFECT for you! I highly recommend giving Rasa a try. Mellow but sustained energy, plus immune support and so many other awesome benefits (seriously, I love adaptogenic and tonic herbs). Plus, they have a money back guarantee if you don’t like it! And if you use my code “SIMPLYSHANNONAGINS” you get 15% off! I literally drink it every morning. Literally sipping on this drink as I type this. So I can’t express enough how much I love it!

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