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Today was a good day. I got a full night’s sleep, ate a healthy breakfast, and even got a good workout in. But aside from all of that, I was genuinely happy.

Having been going a million miles a minute for the last couple weeks, I’ve been utterly exhausted. I would try to look like a full-functioning human being by wearing trendy outfits, doing my makeup, and even doing my hair. I was putting a lot of effort into everything: my work, school, appearance. But I wasn’t making any effort to be kind to myself.

Today, that changed. For the first time in a while, I was able to put my sanity and happiness before anything. I left the house in workout clothes and last night’s makeup (a habit I really don’t recommend. It wreaks havoc on your skin and eyelashes), with my hair in a high ponytail and flyaways creating an aura of relaxation around my head. Even while looking like a complete mess, post-workout sweat and all, I was the most confident I have been in a long time. I walked around campus, listening the The Chainsmoker’s album The Bouquet, feeling like I could take on the world. And I want to share that feeling with all of you.

There’s a quote that I have been obsessed with for a while:


This idea is one I try to keep with me every day. No matter how crappy or beat down I feel, I know that I am truly glorious simply because I am me. Today, even when I looked like a sweaty, raccoon-eyed, crazy-haired zombie, I was confident. I was able to embrace who I was today, and that made all the difference.

Last night’s makeup/Post-workout selfie!

So, to whoever is reading this, you are absolutely glorious because you are you. No matter your size, shape, color, mood, skillset, etc. you are a beautiful human being and don’t you ever think otherwise.

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